Refunds from Disney timing

So, I had booked HDDR on Dec. 31 for 4 people at 4 pm. THis was $296.

But on January 2, I wanted to see if I could modify this to 6:15. Since there was no modify option, I actually cancelled the 4 pm reservation. But, I could see there was no 6:15 pm show available, so I decided to re-book the 4 pm show. Of course, this means they charged me the $296 again.

Not a big deal. But what I’m wondering is how long I should wait before I can expect to see the original $296 refunded back to my credit card? Anyhow have experience with something similar?

It can take 8 to 10 business days to get a refund. I’ve gotten refunds for rooms next day and have had to wait the full 10 days before as well.

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Okay. Thanks. I won’t worry about it then (yet).

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When we booked our ADRs on 8/2, we booked three different times for Cinderella’s Royal Table as we were trying to get times as close together as possible with the family we were traveling with. We waited until that night to cancel the two extra. I just checked our credit card statement, and it records the refunds coming through on 8/4 and 8/5.