Refunds after paying with gift cards?

Anyone have experience with canceling a trip after paying with gift cards? Just wondering what happens if I put a trip on 40 $50 cards but have to cancel

That's a great question! I don't have an answer for you, though. I did open a Disney Vacation account with 20 $50 cards and a $100 Chase deposit. I read the fine print and realized the account wasn't going to work for me (can't pay for dining, etc), so I called to close it. The Chase card was refunded, but the GC money is still in it. I have to call them back. The woman I spoke to when closing did not know if the original cards would be refunded or if they would send me a new card. I'm really hoping they'll send me one $1000 card. Of course after 2 weeks and no refund, I'm just hoping to get my money back!!

Everything I have seen says to keep the original gift cards because each of them will be refunded to the original card.

Agree with Outer. Keep the cards.

Yep. Keep the cards. I did see one report from someone who threw out the cards and they made an exception & issued a new large GC but that's the exception & not the rule.

That may have been me. Keep the original cards until after your trip. I tossed mine before, had to come home early, and was left with lots of phone calls. The resort had to call some gift card office which then called me to arrange everything. It all worked in the end, but it would have been a lot easier if I still had the cards. I'm sure my sob story of why I left early helped along the way, but this time I'm keeping evening until the trip is complete

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Thanks, all. No possibility of discounts for this trip, so even the Target 5% will be much welcome.