Refrigerator at AoA

I’m staying in Cars Suite at AoA. Is the fridge big enough to hold a gallon of milk? Kids are huge milk drinkers.

Hmmm… I know it will hold a half gallon, and we bought milk by the half gallon at the food court. Not sure about gallon though.


I would think so, but you might have to put it on its side or rearrange the shelves. Best bet is probably two half gallon jugs rather than the gallon jug. Also, one awesome discovery I made was that Staples has shelf-stable Organic milk at a really good price in cardboard containers. We had it shipped and just put it in the fridge once we opened it.

Awesome advice. I didn’t even think about shelf-stable milk. Also, I didn’t realize AoA would sell it. I was going to do a grocery delivery order. Might have to reconsider that for the milk.

Pop and AoA are very similar and an easy five minute walk apart. At Pop they have half gallons of milk that were not too outrageously expensive, boiled eggs, fresh fruit… Probably more than you’d pay for groceries, but helpful. :slight_smile: