Refrigerate cold items before room is ready?

Hey everyone!

This is our first time staying onsite at Universal. We are staying at Cabana Bay Family Suites. But before we stay there, we are staying a few nights at The Fountains.

There will be some hours in between when we need to check out of The Fountains and will be able to check into our room at Cabana Bay.

Does Cabana Bay do courtesy fridge storage until the room is ready for check in? I can obviously shop smart so that there is nothing cold to waste. But if I could store whatever milk we have left over…yogurts, etc that would be great.

Thanks for any help you are able to give!


If you are going in the summer - do yourself a favor and shop smart - I wouldn’t trust anything in the summer. Please also know - that at least at the Portafino - there are no real refrigerators. They had an honor bar that was cool - but not cold at all. I wouldn’t trust dairy in it

Well, that’s disappointing to read. Thank you for your input!

Universal hotels will not do chilled storage at any of its hotels. They will keep a cooler with luggage though which is what we did. They changed policy on this about 18 months or so ago. There are real fridges in all hotels apart from Portfino but HRH fridges might still be the old minibars. Cabana Bay and RPR are proper fridges ( student size) but no ice compartment. Fridges in the family suites are bigger than the ones in standard rooms. ( pix online) Hope this helps. Mx

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yes it does help. Thanks so much!