Refillable Water Bottles yay or nay?

I was just watching Rix Flix on YouTube and his latest video states that you can’t bring refillable water bottles in after 5pm. I’m assuming that’s because they may be concerned alcohol could be inside? We travel every where with our water bottles. It’s the only beverage we consume and for health and environmental reasons we’d prefer not to use plastic one use bottles. Does anyone know this to be true as well?
Thanks! we go in two weeks and this is our first visit.

I’ve never heard of this. Are you planning on going after 5?

I’ve never heard of this at Disney. At Universal and Sea World they will sometimes request that you empty your reusable water bottle if you enter after 5pm, or they will check to see if a single use bottle is still sealed. But I’ve never encountered this at a Disney park.


No, they’ll be closing down, but I wasn’t sure if the water bottles were kind of frowned on during the day but the ban was upheld after 5.

I am talking about at US , not WDW. The parks will be closing earlier since it’s winter, but I think that the “After 5pm” thing is a bit ridiculous.

I need to be more careful about which part of the forum things are on. I tend to sort by what’s new and sometimes miss the subforum. Sorry about that!

No problem, we’ve all done it! I had to go back and make sure I posted in the correct forum since Universal is new to us but I’ve been posting in WDW for years :slight_smile:

Even though you may have thought you posted incorrectly, this is 100% accurate for USF / IOA.

@maeghan21 It’s really up to security. I’m aware of who Rick is. Seeing a big guy, like him, walking into the parks carrying a clear / open bottle I’d ask him to stop too if it was my job. Once you watch his stuff, you see he’s a nice guy, but if you don’t know him he does look like a “bruiser / biker” guy.

If you walk up with to the gate with your family & kids (assuming this is a family trip) you probably aren’t going to get bothered. Even if you do, it’s just a “bag check” situation like all theme parks have now. They’ll look through your stuff, see that it’s fine and let you pass.

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Does anyone know if food/drink places will still fill up your personal water bottle with free water during Covid-19 safety precautions at the parks?

Upon further research, it looks like you can fill up any personal water container with water for free at the Coke Freestyle machines around the parks.

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Upon even further research, it looks like no more free water at the Coke Freestyle machines. One can get water with an activated souvenir Freestyle cup. Only ice is free now at the stations.