Refillable Mugs - Do they work for split stays?

Been going to WDW regularly for over a decade, and I don’t know the answer to this: if we have refillable mugs, but are switching resorts part way through our stay, do our mugs work for both resorts, or just the first resort? I know they’re for “length of stay,” maxing out at 14 days, but what if you’re switching to a different resort?

We’ll be at Pop for a bulk of the trip, but when we switch to Riverside for the last two nights, I’d love to use my mug there, too.

Thanks so much!

I just did a split stay. Had dining plan with mugs for first stay but not for second stay. When we got to second hotel, mugs worked.

Backside of Magic podcast talked about the length of time mugs are activated. I believe they found it is 2 weeks for every time the CM pushed the activate button- but otherwise I don’t think there is any connection to your hotel stay.

Ours worked 3 years ago on the 2nd leg of our split stay.

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They will work for both parts of your split stay. When you pick them up, just keep the receipt, just in case you have a problem. A CM at any QS will be able to fix it for you if necessary, they’ll just scan your band and see when you check out.

If the stay is over 14 days, they will be extended for you to the end of your entire onsite Disney resort stay.

We had no problems at all and we had 4 parts to our stay, technically, although it was BLT, Kidani, BLT and then BLT again.

Mugs are activated or 14 days and will work at any resort during those days. Enjoy!

Thanks, all - appreciate your answers!

Sorry, know this is an older post. But what if there is a break between the split stay. We are staying in a moderate resort for 3 nights and then we have a cruise. We would have the dining plan for the first 3 nights. Following the cruise we are back at Fort Wilderness for the rest of our stay. Can they be reactivated for the rest of the stay? Even for a fee. I don’t want another lot of mugs with 6 of us.

They typically get activated for 14 days, so you should be OK.

But the CM can enter your check-out date into the register when programming them, so if they do that, then the mugs won’t work when you come back.

Great thanks Nickysyme.