Refillable mugs at hotel

If you purchase the refillable mug, how long do you have to wait before you can refill mug again? For example,if I had a quick meal and headed back to the room. Would I be able to refill again before I left to take back to the room with me?

hey @Kfrost - pretty sure it’s free unlimited refills for the length of your stay

Yes, you can refill them again before you leave . You cannot fill it, down the drink real fast, and then fill it again (at least you couldn’t when they first did the chips). You can fill them 5-10 minutes later .

Thanks, that was what I was hoping. Didn’t want it to be like 1refill per hour or something crazy. Once I walk back to room would be nice to carry a full cup back.

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I believe it’s a 3 minute wait. But, Iced Tea, coffee, hot tea & hot chocolate are not affected. It one of that last remaining loopholes that I don’t see Disney being able to close. It’s just the soda machine that has the rapid refill technology.

There were a few times that we were so thirsty on our last trip that we filled and drank 3-4 full mugs of iced tea before leaving the shop. Gotta stay hydrated!

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