Refillable mug at check-in?

If I check in early, can I use my refillable mug right away even if room’s not ready? Same with DDP credits? Is that available right at check-in?

Yes. You don’t even have to go to the front desk, if you’ve checked in online.

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We did last year! We arrived before noon and were able to get mugs and eat lunch.

Yes! We checked in at about 11am, our room wasn’t ready, but we went right to the shop and picked up our mugs and then had lunch by the pool on QS credits. I believe you can use them all day on your arrival and departure days, whether you’ve checked in/out or not.

So I just give my magic band to get the mug?

You will go to the QS location, pick out your mug and have it activated by scanning your band at the register.

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Does anyone know if you have to pick up the mug at the resort you are staying. For example if we are at fort wilderness,but want to have lunch at Poly on arrival day, can I pick up the mug included with the dining plan at the QS restaurant at Poly?

You can pick it up at any resort. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That’s what I was hoping.