Reduced operating hours for AK attractions

Just announced by WDWMagic, there are reduced operating hours for the following attraction at AK, some of which start this week and last until at least the end of the year.

Safari - closing @7:45 this week, and @6:30 from November

Kali - opening 9:30 until 7:30

Maharajah Trek - opening 10:00 until until 5:00

Gorilla Falls - opening 9:30 until 4:30

(Ther’s an obvious error in the last sentence, unless it’s been corrected)!

Thought some of you may want to check your TPs. Looks like Disney have been changing FP times for people who have them booked for Safari and Kali, without explaining - of course. :roll_eyes:

Bummer!!! AK is an afternoon for us. Thanks for posting. Might be quick break that day.

thanks! Checking my plans…

This is different from what they do normally this time of year? I thought due to reduced daylight hours that operating hours for such attractions would normally be reduced.

Dear God, the disappointment never ends… :frowning:

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Looking at Sunset times for Florida in November, this totally makes sense. I don’t think it is anything more than that. The only exception may be Kali…but then, who really wants to potentially end up drenched with no sun to dry you off?

True- but hard for us newbies planning.

Time to rearrange our plans! Mostly the gorilla trail needs to go earlier I guess hmmm…

The closing time for Jungle Trek isn’t new, is it? TP has been showing it closing at 4:54 for the entire time that I’ve been planning my AK day.

This protracted withdrawal of all these things really sucks. I find myself on pins and needles, habitually checking the boards and expecting yet another thing go wrong with my plans for Nov 3-4. Thankfully nothing in this specific set of changes affects me, but there’s still two and a half weeks left. I’m sure they’ll find something else to add…


You have had a tough time!

This is our only AK time for our trip which I’m planning post break. Also our first day. Trying to squeeze in a lot in a short period. Clearly should of done a morning but oh well.

Pluses and minuses, of course. Lack of daylight so early means those things are put to bed early…but then, it also means that the nighttime ambiance hits the parks much sooner, allowing you to turn in earlier than you would if you wanted to stay up for the nighttime experience otherwise.

Since my USUAL bedtime is 9:30 pm, staying out later than that exhausts me, so I usually don’t get to see nighttime at the parks very much.

Shoot! I was hoping for nighttime safari after RoL on 12/24! Well, I guess we’ll walk through Pandora while Aneira rides EE. Bummer.

It’s the later opening times for the trails that’s the real bummer.

I have little kids so maybe it is a positive!