Recreation/Activity Sheet for Resorts?

When I was planning our last WDW trip three years ago, I had found online somewhere PDFs of the resort activities schedule for our resort, but I can’t remember where I found it! I’m planning our next trip and I’d like to find that again but my google-fu is failing me. Does anyone know where I might find the schedule of the resort activities schedule? (Outdoor movies, campfire times, etc etc etc).


The unofficial fan sites for some of the resorts have them.

Or ask on here and maybe someone can help. They change each month though.

Another place you can look for them is on the DIS; each resort has it’s own thread, and people tend to post them there (although sometimes only when there’s a request posted).

And I just did a search and it seems like the Orlando Parks News site carries them (currently showing August, but I assume they will update in the next couple of days).

There may be other sites that carry them.

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Thanks! My google-fu must be totally off this morning. Need more coffee. Thank you!!

I always use this site:

Each resort has the activity calendar updated monthly.