Recovery FP, booked by phone

Hi! I’m travelling to WDW the week before Thanksgiving. Due to an intricate set of circumstances that Disney’s FP booking system couldn’t accommodate, we had a few dates that required a CM to book our FPs for us via phone. It was easy enough to do, but these passes (called Recovery Passes) need to be attraction and time specific, and can only be changed by a CM.

(My husband is a CA CM, we have an on-property split stay, we’re travelling with another group–also with a CM–staying at a different on-property resort and arriving two days prior to my family. Throw in some Main Entrance pass blockouts, guest passes, and you get the idea.)

So now my MDE is very complicated because subsequently, I was able to book some FPs myself for these days. I’m going to have a really tough time remembering FPs vs RPs, tiers, and strategizing appropriately.

Does anybody have any experience w/these Recovery Passes? Any tips?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.

P.S. The parks we are visiting on the RP days:
(1) MK/EP-EMH, (2) HS, (3) EP, (4) HS-EMH
I was able to book all the must-do rides for my entire group, but I’m more worried about efficient touring and booking add’l FPs after/between/before the FPs/RPs I already have.