Reconsidering ILL

So up until now, our plan for our April trip was to have Genie+ and avoid ILL - primarily because I personally find the idea of paying per ride to skip a line kind of…icky. I have less of an issue with G+ because that feels kind of like MaxPass, and most other theme/amusment parks do charge for similar.

I have been tempted about getting one for Rise.- given that we are all huge SW fans and rope dropping Rise or a 2 hour line aren’t particularly appealing, but I was still undecided on that point.

Fast forward to last night - DW and I were discussing our trip, when she mentioned she thought we should do ILL as needed. This surprised me as she had previously also expressed disgust with the concept, and she’s generally even a little more frugal than I am. Her rational:

  • This will be our first big trip anywhere in two years, and first trip to Disney (after several cancelled trips) since 2019.
  • She wants to really enjoy this trip - and relax on it. Avoiding lines is a big part of that for her.
  • Yes a good touring plan will work for the most part, but she’d rather avoid the RD mad dash to rides like 7DMT/FoP, etc…

So now she has me considering ILL for a bunch of rides. So far I have them in 3 categories, if we ultimately decide to go with ILL.

Almost definitely

  • Rise


  • FoP
  • 7DMT
  • Rat


  • MMRR

Not likely

  • FEA
  • EE
  • SM

Will probably rope drop FEA on our Epcot day, since we will be coming in the IG. SM and EE, it seems like lines are fairly manageable at multiple times of day. For MMRR, we could rope drop that, but I wonder if it might be more worth it to get some of the tier 2 attractions or rope drop MFSR instead

But now I have to rethink all my planning. Not sure if we will go this route or not, but it does change things…

Any thoughts?


I’m thinking similar to you. Particularly the G+ is sortof Max Pass, and ILL$$$ feels icky. Which is why I turn the ILLS into ILL$$$. We have been several places since the lockdown, but this is our one-and-done trip, so I think it leads to the same place.

I am a bit warming to the idea for the ROTR and Remi. I still haven’t decided whether to keep my on-site or off-site reservation. I am considering keeping the off-site and taking the money saved to buy ILL$$$ as a superior replacement to early entry. But, Gah!, we might not be able to get an ROTR unless on-site. I am hoping that our CL6 days, this won’t be the case. Decisions, decisions.

Disney already has so much money already. 10 day tickets, plus park hopper, plus G+ onto the tickets. (Added because I wouldn’t be surprised if they raised the introductory price to $20 around the beginning of the year.)


Makes sense to me.

We are in exactly the same boat (last Disney trip was October 2019 – Note: I think back in 2019 you and I were sharing tips on Minnie Vans with our very young ones). We cancelled Disney trips in 2020 and 2021 so when we go in spring 2022, we are more inclined to splurge for ILL rides than we otherwise would.

I 99% agree with you, but I would swap FEA and MMRR. FEA never really sees a big dip in crowd level, but tonight I waited 16 minutes for MMRR and that was about a full hour before park closing.


When we went in October, the only LL we paid for was Rise and it was totally worth it. The stand-by line was way too long. Everything else was a 30 min wait or less - we were lucky!