Recommended Travel Agent?

Hoping to book our first Cruise. I am a bit overwhelmed with all the choices. Wondered if anyone has a good travel agent they can recommend to help organize my booking?

Try this thread :

I have also had other liners recommend @brightlittlestarTA

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I’ve used Allison R from Dreams Unlimited Travel for our last two cruises. She was great with a newbie like me.

My TA is a liner, @darthdopey. She’s the greatest.


Oh! I guess I should open that document every once in a while! I did not realize @DarthDopey booked cruises too!

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She doeS indeed! She’s a full time full service TA now :slight_smile:


Most all Liner TAs book cruises too. I had a great one book my cruise I just took last month! :blush: