Recommended reservations?

We are headed down in a August for split stay at Uni and WDW. We’ve never been to Uni. We’re staying at Royal Pacific for the express pass. I’m wondering about any reservations I should be making in advance. I know we want to eat at Toothsome, but do you guys have any recommendations for any other advance reservations I should be making? Anything in Harry Potter?

If you are thinking about Mythos, I would make that reservation.


SewSharp, unlike WDW dinging reservations can be made closer to the time of visit. I suggest making them before your trip but some locations can be booked the day before or day of.

Both of the Potter restaurants are counter service and do not accept reservations.


We had Cowfish dinner reservations and they were not taking new reservations or seating walkups (I watched someone get turned away) so if you want to eat there I’d book that ahead of time too


Also if you’re a food snob like me you won’t like the quick service food at Universal so I’d have some table service reservations in there. My only quick service exceptions are the food in Diagon Alley (aka Leaky Cauldron and Florean Fortescue’s are good). I don’t even like Three Broomsticks so I’m pretty picky though. Mythos is good and you can cancel them last minute without penalty so I wouldn’t hesitate to book things like at WDW.

Outside of the parks I like Voodoo Donuts a lot for quick treat too I guess I should add. ;-). I’ve eaten at both Jake’s and Islands Dining Room at RPR and the food is decent but service is slow. I like all the restaurants at Portofino (the gelato is great at their quick service) and The Kitchen is good at HRH but I haven’t eaten at Palms yet.

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Have you been to Today Cafe or Thunder Falls Terrace? I find both of those to be stand outs in term of variety and quality.

As for sit downs, here are some of my favs



Finnigan’s is pretty good. So that is an option inside USF that takes reservations. I will second Mythos in IOA too.

We love Three Broomsticks, especially the fish n chips!


Yes Thunder Falls Terrace and it was decent. Not Today Cafe though. I can give that one a try next time.

That’s probably my problem is I’m not a big fish and chips person so I never order that. Our entire meal last time was terrible including the service and the line so I’m just done.

Our service in March was terrific. It was basically table service because of covid, instead of QS. They were quick plus a TM stopped special, asked if he could take a photo of us with my phone. It was great!

We went in October. Waited an hour to get inside and another hour for our food. Brought the wrong order twice and I didn’t like any of the food. I have eaten there in the past and it was okay. I got the salad at the one in Hollywood in 2019 and that was serviceable. Nothing to write home about but edible.

Since you are going in August, I’d get a TS lunch reservation for every day you are there. Relaxing AC is wonderful. Sit down, relax your feet. Take your time.

You can get AC at QS places too. But, the crowds will be bonkers which means the food lines will be bonkers. So, plan on eating where you can get a reservation.

I prioritize the in-park dining:

  1. Mythos
  2. the seafood place
  3. Finnegans
  4. Confisco. (I’d do a repeat of mythos before I did this one)

I would go ahead and book stuff now. As people are realizing that they take reservations, and that they are more needed, people are doing them ahead of time. There also isn’t a penalty for not showing up. Fortunately, people aren’t doing (yet) like they used to do at Disney and making 5 reservations for every time slot. But, just plan on changing them later if your plans change.

How is Lombard’s? I’ve never been.

Pretty good.

I’d have put it first, but I moan with pleasure when I’m at Mythos and I dunk a grilled cheese piece in the soup. Normally DD and I split entrees, but there we get our own.



This is exactly me when I’m eating a good steak!

I have no shame. The first time we went there, DD ordered it and I was going to finish up hers (as usual). Normally we get annoyed with her for peeling off the crust. That time, DH and I were waiting to pounce and snag them to dunk in the soup.

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