Recommended Offsite Hotel at WDW

Can anyone recommend a quality offsite hotel? We need at least two bedrooms. We have been staying at Bonnet Creek for the past few years but have had some poor experiences lately.


OK - so our experience was OK - not great - but an option. SWAN. The only reasons I would recommend it is
2 - BENEFITS (Extra Magic Hours)

If you get the Starwood CC - you can get some great points benefits. our 5 night stay was basically FREE.

Sheraton Vistana gets a lot of good reviews - but on par with Wyndham Bonnet Creet so may not be much of an improvement.

What are you looking for with an off site? has a lot of good info on off-site hotels Preferred Hotel Discounts -

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at least 2 bedrooms, nice pool for the kids, within 15 minutes of Magic Kingdom. Maybe I’m asking for too much? :slight_smile:

No - that is what you want and need.

There are all sorts of options

The above links are great. I do think you need to decide do you want a HOUSE (via all star rentals) or a resort (hotel, condo, etc). Personally I would prefer a resort - there is something a bit more grand and vacation"y" about it.

The HYATT GRAND CYPRESS Villas may be an option as well

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Last April we stayed at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa. We had a 4 bdr/4bath 2000 square foot presidential suite on the top floor with a giant balcony that ran the length of the suite and view of the fireworks for 231.75 per night. It was a little dated, but clean and located next door to a giant outlet mall. The pool is enormous and Pirate Themed. Overall, we really enjoyed it and would possibly go back however, I have been listening to a bunch of podcasts and it seems for offsite the top recommendation is to rent a house. There are tons of them for rent on airBnB.

We stayed at Sheraton Vistana Villages last Feb vacation. Booking with a mousesavers discount, it was $200/night for a 2-BR suite that fit 8 of us. It was ~15 min to the Disney parks and the pools were great. One has a slide and pirate theme, one a waterfall, and the last is the plain quiet pool.

We’re arriving soon to Windsor Hills, staying here Luxury for You, Fun for the Kids #2! 3BR/3BA Townhouse Near Disney - Windsor Hills It looks great and we’re so excited. 10-15 minutes to the parks, pool with slide, poolside activities, clubhouse, other resort-type stuff.

These are cool options. I do however like the feel of a resort. If it isn’t crowded - like the grand lobby, the grounds, the pool(s), the general feel of “someplace special”

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village Spa has all of this. Huge themed pool, activities, etc. The only thing is that housekeeping is an upcharge and they’ll try and give you the hard sell on listening to their pitch for a timeshare in exchange for a free park ticket for each member of your group. We gave them the hard no.

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Thanks everyone! Great advice. Not sure if we’ll go with the resort or house option. I definitely want to explore Windsor Hills more.

So with all the other options that are (in a lot of areas) superior and less expensive. Are WDW accomodationgs losing their shine?

Yes and no. We are doing a split stay with more time off property. As our family grew, one “traditional” hotel room is not enough and Disney 1+ BR suites are pricey. The Disney Magic is still special.

I would have stayed on-site, but it’s too expensive with a large family.

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I don’t think so. We stayed off-site last April then for the first time stayed on property in July. We will never go back.

My family stayed at the Floridays Resort the last time we went to WDW (2012). We stayed in a 3 bedroom suite (I think all rooms are either 2 or 3 bedrooms suites). I felt like the resort was really nice considering its affordability.

I do have to say I love the “bubble” and the deluxe resorts are wonderful. I don’t think you get the same even at The Four Seasons or Ritz that you get at some of the deluxe in WDW. However I find the cost to benefit ratio - just crazy. Knew I should have taken that job as millionaire!!

However to those that can afford it or at least splurge to do them - good for you!

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I wish we could afford to stay deluxe. We feel like the moderates are a splurge for us. POR all day.