Recommendations needed for which ONE park to visit during Spring Break season

Hello all! DH, DD (7) and myself have added a last-minute trip to Orlando following our 5-night Bahamaian DC out of Miami. We will be staying at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista March 13-16. It’s only in our budget to do one park on Thursday or Friday. Wondering which park to do with peak Spring Break crowd season, if any (I’m sort of feeling like, I’m there… how do I not go!!!)? I was thinking MK or AK. We will be returning to WDW on property in October/November for an 8-night full parks TP experience for DD birthday.

If it were me, I would go to MK on the Thursday.


Agree… gotta do MK!

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MK is what it is all about. No question.

I don’t know. Have you ever been to Epcot Flower and Garden? It’s the only seasonal thing going on. Otherwise Magic Kingdom is the obvious choice.

Universal? (Since you are going in Nov.)

Maybe get park to park tickets for Universal and do highlights from each?

My husband and I have about 10 years ago, along with the rest of the parks. Beautiful! It’s only our DD (7) who has not.