Recommendations for planning a trip to Disneyland Tokyo

We are trying to plan a trip to Disneyland Tokyo and Disneysea in May. Any helpful tips?

I haven’t been but there are some good Tim Tracker videos on YouTube of their recent trip.

I am also looking into a trip for October and I’ve found this a really helpful place to start

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I just moved from Tokyo back to the US and have visited both parks many times. I’d be happy to answer your questions. Crowds will be very high on the weekends, so avoid that if at all possible. I would arrive at least 45 min early. Also, the food is different, so adjust your expectations. The Japanese view standing in line to get something as a badge of honor so some food lines (and ride lines) can get VERY long. The different flavors of popcorn are fun to try! People line up for parades and shows sometimes right after they enter the park. Everyone sits on the ground to watch and strollers must be folded. I usually sit on my park map. Japanese is used extensively, but usually I can understand through pictures and charades and their little bit of English. They spend a lot of time talking about safety on the rides (there are a lot of rules). And If you really want to fit in, your group will wear matching outfits!

DisneySea is beautiful! Toy Story is identical to the US so I always skip it because the lines are very long. Indiana Jones and Raging Spirits have single rider lines which really help. I would fastpass Journey to the Center of the Earth first, and probably get right in line so I can ride it twice. Its great and unlike any other ride. Next I would fastpass Tower of Terror, also unique.

At Disneyland, we usually fastpass Monsters Inc and ride Pooh first thing. Both are unique to Tokyo. Then we try to get Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, dumbo and Small world (recently redone and has FP).

Being early is really important. Staying the Disney hotels gets you in about 10 min early, and only a couple rides are open, but they are close. Trains are also very convenient if you’re staying somewhere else in Tokyo.