Recommendations for NH Parks: Storyland and Santa's Village

DH, DS(8) DD(6) and I are doing a week long trip to the White Mountains of NH this summer. I was thinking we’d spend a day at Storyland and a day at Santa’s Village while we’re there. We haven’t been to Storyland in a while and we haven’t ever been to Santa’s Village.

Any tips? In particular, I am wondering which to do first. I’m also wondering if I should make a special effort to be there during the week rather than a weekend to avoid lines/crowds.

Also, I hear there’s a good water park in the area. I’m wondering if we should carve time out for that too, or if we’re better off just going swimming at a beach. I feel like the kids are a little young to enjoy the water park - last time we went to one (it was Blizzard Beach) they didn’t do much that they couldn’t have done at the hotel pool (POR / POFQ). That was 2 years ago, though, and they’re tall for their ages (DD is the size of a 7 or 8 year old) so that might help too.

Any advice is appreciated!

@melcort10 has been recently I think!!!

I haven’t been in a decade LOL

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We LOVE Storyland! I highly recommend going on the weekdays and avoid the weekend. DS still has his ‘license’ he got when he was 5 years old. Whenever we went, if you got there after 5, you could stay until close and go the next day for a one day ticket price. The Roar-a-saurus is quicker than you think. DS loved it, but my friend’s son was scared as hell when he got off it.


Yes! We were at Storyland two weeks ago!

I would look at the calendars for each to help you decide on days. I don’t think a particular order matters but I know they have cut back the hours dramatically because they cannot staff the weekdays very well. We really wanted to do Storyland on a Friday or Monday but that early in June they were open weekends only. I think that you are right that weekdays (if they are open) are best.

Which water park are you thinking of? I think that there is one in a hotel, but the next big ones I’m thinking of are on the seacoast.

Basic Storyland TP:

Arrive 15ish minutes before open
If the antique cars are important to you, do these first. Otherwise I would rope drop the Polar coaster. Ride that 2-3 times while there is no line. The back section doesn’t open until 30 minutes later, so if you have thrill seekers go there as soon as it opens. If they want to do the castle/pumpkin ride you could go there right after too.

The water rides are the next ones you want to try and hit but it probably depends on the weather. If it is already hot hit up the Bamboo chutes and ride those a bunch. That was my favorite ride at your girl’s age! Then you’ve got Dr. Geyser’s. That doesn’t get you as wet as it looks. The Nile ride will get you soaked.

I have not been to Santa’s Village in a long time so can’t help in the TP sense but I am hoping to go next year maybe! I get turned off by the drive when we have family that lives minutes from Storyland.

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Obviously make sure you grab this shot!


This has been suspended for this year unfortunately. But I think it will be back next year!

Oops I see this was already discussed.

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Kahuna Laguna is up that way

They offered it in 2019 but last year and this year they have not. They have definitely implied that it will be back eventually though because it’s a great option! The park clears out after 3 anyway!

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That’s the one I was thinking of, but it’s inside, right? I feel like for the summer I’d recommend like a Diana’s Bath knock off or something like that over an indoor park unless there was some crummy weather. We have talked about getting a room here one night during ski season this year though!

Yup. It’s at the Red Jacket. I think there’s part of it that’s outdoors (or maybe it’s just one of the pools).

So pretty, and absolutely perfect for some swimming!

I know! And it was SO freaking hot that first weekend in June that we thought about it. But I think my youngest is too young. It wouldn’t be fun for me. Next year!!

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You guys are great! Thanks for your help!

I was thinking of Whale’s Tale Water Park in Lincoln. They get good ratings on Trip Advisor. We are staying in the Lincoln area, not the N Conway area near Storyland so maybe that’s why it didn’t jump to mind?

Whale’s Tale is a nice, small waterpark. Again, haven’t been there in a long, long time, but always had a good experience when we did go

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We still usually visit whale’s Tale each year, there’s a good variety of pools, slides, etc. We enjoyed it when kids were younger and still do as teens.