Recent stay at Poly

I figured I would put this out here for information but keep it short. Poly was great for the views but room walls are paper thin. Bedding is great. Sprit of Aloha is not worth the price unless you are really into Hula dancing. Disney’s MNSSHP was good with all the ghosts hanging around and the CM’s can’t wait to stuff candy in your bag. You must obtain a wrist band and you must ask CM’s where to get them. Little unorganized. Hoop De Do Review was great and well worth the money. I of coarse am from the Plain’s states so I am into Down Home Cooking and slap stick comedy. Parks were surprisingly uncrowded for late summer but then again it was HOT and Sticky and sometimes rainy. Water parks were a cool change but if it starts to Thunder the park closes until it quits. Had a great time with our grandson along and of coarse for a young man of 16 he was thrilled with the eye candy. Thanks to Magical Vacations Travel agency and their special we saved a lot of money though the absence of a Disney Dinning Plan was a little different. Used band anyway and the charges just went to the room. It’s scary to look at the billing for Table Service meals as they average about $165. for a party of three adults. Some better than others. All and all it was a good trip and I thanks Darcy at MVT for all her help in obtaining and planning this trip. Until the next trip and of coarse there will be another but I just don’t know how soon. Have a magical time! Dilly, Dilly!


This made me laugh.

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You mention some table service restaurants were better than others? Do you mind elaborating and telling which ones you liked/disliked? Thanks

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We were at the Poly Aug 23 to the 1st through MVT. Loved being able to watch fireworks from the pool. It was the first time we never had the dining plan also so seeing some cost of meals was a shock. However, overall we still came out for the good. We were in Tuvula building and did not hear anything from our neighbours. Maybe there was no one in that room lol.

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Can I be nosy and ask what nightly rate you got through MVT for the Poly? Want to go next year around Labor Day and am trying to figure out if it’s in our budget. They’ve not released their deals yet for next year. Thanks!

We also stayed during the MVT Labor Day special. It was $291 (all taxes included) per night. Loved the Poly and going in August. It was hot but not unbearable for us and most parks were open late. We didn’t think the crowds were too bad either.

We stayed standard room 8/25-9/1 $292/night (taxes included). We also didn’t get charged for parking bc we reserved prior to changes. Best stay!!