Recent Rope Drop Experiences

We did WDW last week and this past Tuesday. Thankfully our focus was on rope dropping and getting to the big rides right off the bat.
We were staying at ASM and unfortunately they were terrible about posting when their first buses would be leaving and we were in the back of the resort so we just drove.
Monday we went to HS, arrived an hour early and were the first cars in the lot. We were the second family in turnstiles. On rope drop, they just opened the park (no partial entry) and we were able to walk right on Rise. Thankfully that early finish allowed us a few other rides without much lines but it got crowded fast. We had the G+ and started scheduling other rides for the afternoon so we went back to hotel from 11-2 or so. Lines we over an hour on everything pretty much.
Tuesday we drove to MK an hour early but were on second monorail so weren’t first in park. Did manage to get on 7D in under 30 and 2nd rope drop BTMR and Splash. Used G+ the rest of the day. Seems like they reduced the Pirates scavenger hunt and sad they ditched the sorcerers thing. That got rid of “extra” stuff for us to do.
Wednesday was rest day with the water park. Besides the big waves, not our favorite water park. Prefer Volcano Bay and Aquatica over Disney’s (Disney’s looked cool though).
Thursday we drove to AK an hour early. Unfortunately they had some problem with landscaping out of the way so even though we were first car in the park, quite a few buses got in first. Wasn’t too bad as we were only a few people back on Pandora bridge and second flight on FoP. Definitely recommend getting the far right turnstile lane as they keep opening up more as lines get long and you can scoot over. Didn’t use G+ and finished all rides except Safari by around 11 so left. It was hot and crowded. We ended up park hopping to Epcot that night and doing some of the smaller rides and saw the show so we’d have a shorter day on Friday.
Friday we drove to Epcot only half hour early. It was fine as the groups spread out. We were onto Test Track before too long and were able to board GoG due to early boarding group right after. Didn’t use G+. Knew we’d have to deal with long lines at Frozen and Rat and did. By noon we had finished up that park and left Disney until the following week.
Then this past Mon-Wed, we stayed at Pop and spent Tues at HS again. We took the Skyliner to HS to test how it was compared to parking. Again left an hour early. Got thereabout the same time cars were let in. It was a little slower than driving and I thought we’d be about 20 people back but folks weren’t going to the far right turnstiles so we ended up being 2nd family in line again and were able to walk on RoR. HS had tons of break downs that day so lines were crazy. We left after doing ToT, M&M, and ST. After hitting the pool and lunch, we park hopped to FoP when I saw it was only a 65 minute wait. Then finished the night by using the Skyliner to go on Soarin at Epcot and watch the show again.
Overall the trip went great but ONLY because we all got to the parks an hour early (except Epcot) and were able to walk on the headliners. That let us get on many rides quickly. Within one hour the parks were packed. G+ seemed necessary for HS and MK.
If you have your own car, our family ate at Sickie’s Garage for our last dinner and they all LOVED the food. We had reservations for 6 for the Sci Fi diner but then halfway through the day the reservation changed to 2 people instead (we have screenshots showing both). Disney couldn’t figure out why that happened and also couldn’t find room for us. Seriously?.. So Sickie’s didn’t have the cool ambiance but the food was better. :slight_smile:
If I did it again, I would drive to HS and Epcot (unless you have Skyliner access) and bus to AK and MK. I just wish they started posting bus times much earlier. We never knew exactly when the first one was coming so couldn’t depend on it getting us there for rope drop.
Hope that helps someone.


Sounds like a great trip! I love when dh and I get to go solo, we are always up early and ready for rd, but have never been second ones in. :+1:

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Sounds like you had amazing luck getting to do the attractions you wanted (well except for when rides were down). What’s up with Sci-fi though?? I can’t believe they didn’t accommodate you when you had proof!!

Yeah, DW was wanting to fight it because she had been excited about visiting the diner again but they keep it so booked I (and they over the phone) didn’t think it was likely to get a table even though they made the mistake. The Disney app and website are SO buggy. For example, we went back to HS the following week because originally we planned to do 4 days but added a fifth. However, when we went to add a night to our 5 night ASM stay, it showed no availability. But if I put in a reservation for 3 days including the night I wanted, it showed many options. Calling Disney didn’t help, even though with my trick and being able to see there were plenty of rooms, they couldn’t get it to show the single extra night availability. And with early extra hours, staying off Disney for rope drop wasn’t an option. So thus the 2 night stay at pop the following week.
Kids are both about to graduate and we conquered the parks so probably won’t go back unless we have grandkids at some point. Disney has great rides but too many hassles.

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