Recent Pontoon Fireworks Cruise feedback?

Hello! My group of 10 (5 adults, 5 kids) is taking a trip to Disney in early December, and I’ve booked a private pontoon Fireworks Cruise on one of the nights that MK is having the MVMCP, so I think that we will see the Holiday Wishes fireworks, instead of HEA, right? It’s a surprise to everyone on the trip except myself & my sister. We’re going to leave out of the Poly.

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who has done this recently, as well as advice on what people think an appropriate tip might be. All 5 kids are under 12, so will have to wear lifejackets, but they’ve been on boats before so I think they’ll be okay. It’s not for a specific celebration but I’m thinking about ordering champagne for the adults - anyone have experience ordering extra food/drinks on this cruise?

Really excited about this event!

What marina are you going out of?

I’ve done one cruise from the Contemporary (regular Wishes) and have one booked from the Grand Floridian for next week (HalloWishes).

Really loved the one I did (which is why I booked another one!). A small assortment of chips and similar snacks plus some sodas and water will be on the boat. The captain will take you around the lakes and point out the major sites and offer some Disney trivia, but I suspect if you’re on this forum you will know all of it and probably a lot more than the captain.

I put in an order for some dessert and alcohol for the upcoming cruise - you’ll have to contact the Private Dining folks at either the Contemporary or Grand Floridian (depending on which marina you are going out of). I can give you the Grand Floridian info if you’re heading out from there.

I think I tipped $40 last time, but that’s totally up to you.

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Thanks so much for the info! We are leaving from the Poly, and I did take the phone number to order the Private Dining people at Poly if we do decide to order something. I’m really leaning towards champagne or a nice wine that I know my sister & I would enjoy.

Yes, after exploring this forum, I’ve seen how much others seem to enjoy this extra event, and with the MVMCP that night, we have to be out of MK early & this really works with our schedule that night. It sounds like so much fun! I hope the weather is decent for us, but I’ll be packing some ponchos!