Recent Illuminations Dessert Party

Anyone have a current opinion on the Illuminations Dessert Party? Last year we did the Tomorrowland Terrace party, but the Epcot desserts look better. Any plain old chocolate chip cookies or fried donuts for a picky teenager?

I did it in November 2014 and November 2016, and enjoyed it both times. There are definitely some plain cookies and Rice Krispie treats available. It’s nice to have the reserved viewing area. It’s also very nicely positioned for leaving the park after Illuminations. I was ahead of the pack and on the 1st bus to leave afterwards both times.

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@poohfanclub, how did you like the Wishes Tomorrowland Terrace Party? I’ve been reading conflicting info that seating is good but the Garden dessert party has the better view. Which one would you recommend? Unfortunately we haven’t been to Illuminations yet but we also have the Star Wars dessert party booked. Have you guys looked into that?

We’ve only ever done the Tomorrowland Terrace Party. I don’t know much about the Star Wars party, but we did view the Star Wars fireworks at HS last year (they were great) and I saw some roped off areas for the dessert party guests. Thinking about doing Illuminations in June '17. Here’s the good and the bad about Tomorrowland Terrace…I was one of those crazy people who queued up about an hour and a half early while my family continued to visit attractions. I was the first one in line and chatted it up with the CM’s who were going to be seating us. (They were very nice and felt sorry for me.) As a result, we got a great table with a spectacular view. (However, I will tell you that from this viewing angle, the fireworks are more to the side of the castle than behind it.) It is such a nice memory for the family, and my teenagers felt like we were VIP’s. They got to sip sparkling cider out of champagne flutes while watching the fireworks. I am very glad we did it. That being said, not all tables have a great view. I think if you have a party larger than 4, you might not be able to get a table out front. The tables are very close together, and they didn’t bus the tables at all. The desserts were ok, but not fantastic. Later in the week, we watched Wishes again from the end of Main Street with a head-on view of the castle. This was a much better view. I’m glad we did the dessert party once, but would probably not repeat. As far as the garden party goes, if it were up to me, I would stake out a spot at the end of main street early on, and let everyone go grab their favorite dessert (at the bakery or ice cream shop) and head back to the viewing spot you have staked out! What you have to watch out for are really annoying people who insist on putting their children up on their shoulders in a large crowd 2 minutes before the show starts, thereby blocking your perfect view. This is a pet peeve of mine, and it seems to happen every single time!!!

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