Recent Hotwire success

Until planning for my upcoming trip, I never had any luck using Hotwire Hot Rates for Disney World hotels. I’ve snagged Priceline Express deals before (like $87 for Pop Century on 4th of July weekend in 2019), but Hotwire never seemed to have any deals besides the non-Disney Bonnet Creek and Hotel Plaza Blvd locations.

Different story this time around. I booked Coronado Springs for $150 per night for two nights in May. It was incredibly easy to spot which Hot Rates were for which Disney hotels by looking at the number of Expedia reviews.

Has anyone else had this kind of success lately? Is this a sign of soft bookings? Or have I just been missing out on Hotwire Hot Rates for Disney World until now?


I first heard about the Hotwire deals a few weeks ago when JJT posted about the whole “drawing a circle” around the area to see which hotel it is. I downloaded the app and tried it that day. Didn’t have anything for my dates so I’ve never checked back. I have to admit I’m so accustomed to Priceline that it’s my default at this point.

I’m booked 5 nights at ASMo at a high rate for $159 a night for 4/30 - 5/5. Although I’m 99% sure this trip won’t happen due to Corona virus anxiety I’m still checking Priceline and Disney website daily to see if anything better pops up. I’m going to add Hotwire back to the mix now. $150 for Coronado is a good deal.