Recent 7DMT RD Experience?

In the past, some here have suggested not RDing 7D because it isn’t always running in the first half hour (operational issues?). Didn’t get a FPP for it and my personalized plan has me going in the afternoon with an hour wait. Still an issue RDing it?

We rope dropped it once during our trip a couple weeks ago and it worked out great. You will definitely be fighting a crowd on your way there, but as long as you position and move with a purpose it should work better than going in the afternoon. Definitely try one morning. I was glad we did.

This past Saturday there were no issues at RD. Waited only 20min

Thanks! That was my hope! I’ll move with a purpose for sure. Solo for that part of the day. So, just one will be super easy to move around. :slight_smile: Did you guys go the teacup route or through the castle??

We went the teacup route. In fact a cast member lead us that direction. I’m glad we complied as well…if we had gone through the castle we would have been WAY behind.

Did the teacup route on Wednesday, worked out fine, maybe 15 minute wait, park even opened up early.

I rode shortly after rope drop on September 10th, getting in line at 9:37 AM and waiting 32 minutes. I couldn’t get a FastPass for that date, but wanted to see the queue. It’s worth seeing the games and other effects that you don’t see in the FastPass line at least once, and first thing in the morning (or maybe evening EMH?) is probably the best time to do that without a ridiculous wait.

Seems like 7D is running ok. Cool. Thanks all. Will make it the first stop despite TP reco.

Teacup route