Recap Podcasts

If you haven’t listened to any shows that are recapping WDW Marathon weekend, you should.

BOGP has done a couple of shows which were awesome

And the last two episodes of Runners Without Limits (@Shellott-hill thanks for introducing me to this show!) have been recaps.

It has been so great to put me back in the moment and relive my marathon moments as they go through the course and their experience.

(unrelated: does anyone else automatically type marathong ???)


I may have to take a listen. I am suffering from PMWD (Post Marathon Weekend Depression) and need a little spark to start my 2023 Dopey planning. This may help.


Same here friend. And made worse by the fact I can’t run because I hurt my ankle a few days after getting home. Had two great short runs, but then a mile or so into a 6-miler, the pain started. By mile 4 I could barely jog. Tried running again after taking a week off, still hurts like hell. I’m going to see a doc soon. This happened after my first Dopey, but it was my knee instead of ankle. Starting to think I might not be a runner after all. Looking into swimming. I’d have to change my username on here I guess…

Why am I not surprised by this…

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That sucks! Hope you recover soon.

I would not jump to the conclusion that you are not meant for running. My thoughts are that it may be related to you hitting the pavement too soon after Dopey. We are all “Born to Run”.

I have heard that you need at least 2 weeks of recovery after a marathon. You most likely did not give yourself enough time to heal/recover from the damage inflicted.

After I ran a marathon a year ago, I did not really take any time off of running. It lead to me getting injured a few weeks later. Force yourself to recover or your body will do it for you!

This year, I did not run again for 12 days after Dopey and I believe it was still too soon. I went out yesterday for a 5k, and I still did not feel fully recovered yet. It was better than the previous two runs, but still not “normal”.



Someone’s trip may have inadvertently been titled that in my TA software…



Good plan

No, you’re a runner. You just need your doc to help your body hold up to the challenge

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I second the Be Our Guess podcast recap- one of the most comprehensive I’ve listened to.

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Oh then you should listen to the other I mention because that makes BOGP (which I love) look like Cliff’s Notes :laughing:

Ha! I haven’t been listening to the straight up runners’ podcasts- just straight up Disney podcasts, so that makes sense.

I miss Mickey Miles podcast with Mike Scopa & Michelle (I went to one of their meets- good people.)

I’ll add Joyful Miles to the RunDisney list. Jackie and Laura are inspiring women to know. Thanks met them on TP’s WDW Chat years ago. Here’s their latest-

And here’s our epic Princess Half trip a few years ago. My favorite trip with them so far.

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I thought this was a fun podcast, recapping a 2022 Dopey experience:

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Oh nice.

I love adding to my podcast list.

Thank you.

I’m sure you have tons of miles ahead of you!! Do you do yoga at all? I started making yoga a regular part of my routine in 2017 (at least 3-4 days a week) and since starting a regular yoga practice I have not had any running related injuries during training. Prior to doing yoga I always had something to contend with during training, either my ankle or my hip or shin splints. Yoga has really helped me become a better runner!


I can agree with that. I have found when incorporate yoga, stretching and foam rolling into my daily routine, most of the niggles go away.

I do sit a lot for work and being able to loosen up the hips has helped tremendously.


I used to love Joyful Miles! I wish they would do a recap of this year!

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