Rebooking with Virgin

Morning, I was wondering if anyone here has had to move their holiday with Virgin due to the virus outbreak and willing to share their experience?
My understanding is that if you’re booked to travel up to end of May, Virgin would move your holiday provided it’s taken before the end of 2020. But if the same holiday costs more, will Virgin waive the cost because it’s not your choice to move it? You’re probably not going to get the equivalent holiday due to lack of availability.
I’m due to travel in August and my husband isn’t keen on going then, even if things are reopened. However I don’t know whether to wait and see what Virgin say or whether to just move it now. Doesn’t look like our exact holiday is available next year and the closest I can find means different dates (taking kids out of school which I was trying to avoid as I’m a dinner lady) and is £1500 more which I don’t really want to pay!
I am concerned if they say we can travel in August there is a chance we could get symptoms and then be stuck in our hotel room for the whole fortnight. Don’t suppose our insurance will cover that?!
So torn, this is a once in a lifetime trip for us and costing a small fortune as it is! :frowning:

I’m going to suggest you move your holiday.

Even if that means staying in a different resort, is there availability for next year? You have time to replan, and you’re on the best planning forum! So even if you have to adjust your sights a little on where you’re staying, you can still plan a great trip.