Reassurance, please

I’m pretty much all-in for October at this point.

I was booked into Endless Summer but decided to look at other options, primarily because you can’t walk to UOR from there. This is a COVID issue as well as a convenience issue for me.

I’ve settled on Sapphire Falls. It ticks a lot of my boxes — you can walk to the parks, you get a big screen tv, I could get a king room with sofa and pretty view.

I’m basically looking for reassurance that it’s a great resort and I’ve made an incredible choice. It seems to be UOR’s version of CSR, but with better landscaping and a less impressive lobby.

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Touring Plans has done a couple of blog posts about Sapphire Falls and it seems wonderful. The first one is from earlier this year (pre-COVID):

And this is more recently with all the COVID measures in place:

I especially liked this part:

For those used to bus transportation at Walt Disney World, buses are also arriving and departing seemingly non-stop to CityWalk. There was never a time we waited longer than three minutes for a bus.

They say it’s about 10 minutes to get to the parks either by bus or walking.


That’s some great intel. Thanks.

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I’ve read it now. I was wrong. It’s awesome intel.

Really pleased and excited now :smile:

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Glad I could be of assistance! Now I feel like my compulsive weekend reading of the TP blog was not in vain. :wink:


We stayed at Sapphire Falls for 1 night 2 years ago before checking into HRH. We loved it! It is a beautiful resort and we would stay there frequently IF they offered Express Passes. But since they don’t, and I won’t go to UOR without them, we don’t stay there. We ate dinner at Amatista Cookhouse and it was fantastic. You have picked very well!

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I’m booked at Royal Pacific for a quick (first time) stay before my WDW week. I’m not sure why, but I constantly confuse Sapphire Falls with Royal Pacific. Every. Single. Time. Clearly I should just save my money and rebook because I keep thinking I’m staying there whenever it gets mentioned…


Okay, this made me laugh! So many acronyms, so many things to keep track of. Who can keep it all straight? :laughing:

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