Reassigning Park Tix: can someone walk me through it?

Hello all! Back to planning for the 1st time after a “lil somethin” stopped us in our tracks mid-vacay March 2020 [groan. Now that THAT’S outta the way :wink: ]

I was given a reference code from WDW for our unused tix from that trip, that we’d like to apply towards a short trip in 2023 (2 days in the parks).

Details: we originally bought 4 ppl x 10 days PH+ tix. We used 5/10 days in 2020. Was given a ref code from Guest Services in 2021 (we’re in Canada & the OG expiry date wasn’t possible for us in 2021).

Last week when I phoned, I was firstly PUMPED to discover I would be given the remaining 5 days worth in tix, same PH+ value, just have to call once they go on sale for 2023. I jokingly asked if I could transfer the names on tix when the time comes (thinking no way) & he said I can reassign them in MDE as I like. (!!??!!)

I’d LOVE to share with my sis & her fam who will be traveling with us - 8 ppl total - both families doing 2 days of parks.

I’d like to be prepared for when 2023 park tix go live, so I don’t sound like a total dolt when I call Guest Services…I understand that all ppl would have to be in my MDE as Friends/ Family… but then what? Is this something I ask for on the phone at the same time? Do these new tix show up in my name & then I redistribute them in the app on my own? Just want to make sure I don’t mess anything up/ lose access to anything.

Thx for any guidance, hoping someone has done this before & can help me out :slight_smile:

Usually, you can reassign them on your own in the app. Under the ticket there’s usually a button that says “reassign ticket.” Click that and then it will pull your linked friends and family and ask who you want to transfer it to. You tap the one you want, and voila!

Oh wow, if it’s that easy, I shouldn’t be stressing! Thank you for such a quick reply!

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You’re welcome!

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I can’t imagine what that was.

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Flat tire.


So are you saying you have 4 tickets, each with 5 days of ph+ access left on them? But you want to be able to spread out those 20 days into multiple 2 day tickets? If so, that would take CMs creating those extra tickets and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t do that. You would be able to reassign those 4 5 day tickets to other people though through the app.

Yes, that’s what I was hoping to do, and thought it may be too good to be true… basically our family can only use 2 (maybe 3, depending on arrival time) of the 5 days’ worth next year. I thought it would be perfect to be able to gift the other 2 days’ worth to my sister & her fam… otherwise, they’re going to waste, essentially.

You might be able to plead your case, but the cost of 10 2 day tickets is way more than 4 5 day so I doubt this Chapek Disney would be so kind.

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For sure - but I suppose I don’t lose anything by asking. I was more happy-shocked in the 1st place that we’d get anything close to what we still had remaining that I didn’t know the right questions to ask last week!

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I know that once a multiday ticket it used for the first day, it can no longer be reassigned to someone else. It will stay assigned to that initial person.

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Absolutely - which is why I was surprised when on this phone call, the GS operator told me (twice, after i asked to clarify, lol) that I could reassign these new tickets (as he put it) “however I liked.” So dunno if I just got someone who was in a generous mood that day or what?

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To clarify what I meant:
I think the 4 new 5-day tickets are like totally new ones, and can be freely assigned/reassigned to people (whether they are in your original group or not) up until the day of first use. To me, I think that’s what the CM meant.

But once any ticket gets used for its first day, then that ticket is locked in as being assigned to whoever used it. Plus it starts the clock ticking. Most multi-day tickets have an expiration date based on the date of first use. Your 5-day PH+ ticket is good for any 5 days counting from your 1st day to day 9, for the theme parks. It’s a little fuzzy on the dates for the plus activities.

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HAPPY UPDATE: I had the best experience with a Guest Services agent this morning! She politely listened to my situation & inquiry… and took care of my request!!! . She graciously offered a “1-time exception” (i.e. no takesy-backseys), and now, both my family + my sister’s family all have 2-day PH+ tix avail to us for next year!! I’m over the moon excited! Yahoo!!


That is awesome! I’m glad you got that pixie dust today!


Thank you! Now let the planning begin, yahoo!!


That is awesome!

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