Reasons to Deactivate MagicBands

I currently have 9 active MBs on my MDE and 4 active cards. This includes 2 MBs for my upcoming trip next month. Is there any reason to deactivate the old MBs and cards if we will not be using them? Is there any reason not to deactivate them? Does it slow anything down to have a bunch of MBs active? Is there any reason to have a CM remove them from my MDE?

If you get too many, they can cause problems. We couldn’t open doors to our resort rooms after a while. And deactivating them wasn’t enough - we had to call IT to remove them from the account. But I had like 20+ at the time so I’m not sure what the magic number is. But we had issues at AKL and GF so it wasn’t just a one time resort thing. I now have about 8.


I wish I had this problem


My last visit in January, I couldn’t get my new MB to open our room door. I had to have my teenage daughter do it till I went to the front desk and reset my MB.

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I saw on one of the threads that someone designated their MBs to be removed as “lost” in MDE and that made it easier for the CM to know which ones to remove. Do you know if this is helpful?