Reasons Not to Do Online Check In?

Does anybody have good reasons not to do online check in?

Staying at Villas at GF 2/2-2/8. Already out in room request via TP. Since front desk and rooms are so close, not worried about wasting too much time. Arrive around 4pm and DON’T have park tix for that first day. Have ADR at Kona Cafe at 6:25 PM.

I’ve done some reading and only positive for NOT doing it is to possibly schmooze a CM to get extra perks (upgrades or FP’s) by letting them know it’s our first family trip to Disney. Well, not sure there are any upgrades avail and getting an extra FP (appealing since we didn’t get SDD on our HS day) seems nice but unlikely.


I always do online check in and I have had multiple upgrades. That being said, if it was my first stay at Disney, I would want to talk to someone at the desk. I would want someone to hand me the resort map and walk me through a few of the highlights.


Just because you do online check-in does not mean you cannot also go to the front desk.

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Quick question, how did the upgrades work with online checkin. I have never used online check in and have tried going to front desk every time to check to see about upgrades. Sadly, we have never been upgraded that way either.

Upgrades are always random and are much rarer than social media would have you believe. My philosophy is book the category I will be happy with. IF I get pixie dusted, that is just a bonus.

I have never asked for an upgrade. I honestly think it is because I do so many split stays with one or two night stays. Twice, a two night stay was upgraded to CL. Last month I booked a studio on points (I am DVC). It was a one night stay and I was upgraded to a 1 bedroom (that should not happen). In all cases I did online checkin with no requests.

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I’m too much of a control freak to rely on online check in. I need to fix my eyes on a human before heading to room. That way - if something in my room is wrong (magic band doesn’t work, room occupied, etc.,) I can say “Well, (insert name) said my room was ready.” :blush: