Really Stupid Question- Lockers and Gear

If we have to stow all of our things in lockers pre-ride, how do people take pictures in queues/use phones? Pockets? Running belts? Google glass? I’m assuming the answer is really obvious, and I’m overthinking it.

We just left on Sunday. For the rides that have lockers, but no metal detectors (like Forbidden Journey and Escape from Gringotts) you can take your phone in your pocket. For rides with the new metal detectors (Rip Ride Rocket, Hulk, Dragon Challenge) you will not be able to take a phone. They are really serious about this. You will lose your place in line as they will pull you out and send you back to the lockers. Their announcement is “nothing in your pockets except express passes”. There must have been a lawsuit lately, or something bad happened, security was all over the place this weekend.


Just a friendly note about the lockers by Hulk. Really pay attention to which bank of lockers you’re using (and which locker, ideally :smiley:).

When DH and I got off Hulk after a pretty lengthy standby wait, we could not remember at all which locker we used (or even which bank of lockers we had picked)! There’s an attendant right there, but we had to convince him to open up several lockers to check their contents. (I’m glad he was willing to help us, but I also couldn’t help but think that someone could manipulate that system to steal someone else’s stuff - yikes! We must have looked honest. :smile:).

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thanks @Wahoohokie and @Sally_Carrera! I’d be the one who takes a picture with my phone to remember the locker…and then lock my phone away inside the locker :grimacing:

I haven’t been to Universal in exactly 10 years- this is gonna be interesting!

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The metal detector system is still being described as a test, but I’m not sure it’s going anywhere. There are definitely issues with it. Some reports Team Members telling people they need to put eyeglasses in lockers before getting in the queue, others not sure what to do if there’s a medical device. This reeks of an over reaction, to an admittedly severe, but freak accident injury.

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The only attractions that require lockers for metal objects, as stated before is HRR, Hulk, and Dragons Challenge. Any large packages or purses you’ll be asked to be placed in a locker. Compare this to Disney where I’ve seen people with massive bags being told they can place them in the R’n’R car, it’s a culture shock.

Personally I store as much as I can in the lockers because I’m paranoid. I always try and use the lockers in Mummy and the coasters. FJ has a small pouch located at where the base of your spine would be where you can put your glasses/phone/wallet, but not much else. Be careful as I’ve lost a pair of ray-bans this way.

Gringotts I’ve never used the lockers for as it’s not that intense (except once when I was carrying a wand).

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Thanks, @ParkscopeJoe - I’d like to take some pictures in the queues for the HP rides (and have my phone if the line is particularly crazy), but I’ll err on the side of caution.

@TheGraceysButler - what exactly happened? I’m assuming someone got hit with something? Ouch.

You’ll be fine with Gringotts and FJ you can be fine with. I don’t wear cargo shorts and I just am overly paranoid. If you want to do photos in the queue that’s good, but remember two things: 1.) Gringotts has a photo op with PhotoConnect in the queue 2.) lots of good photographers have taken photos of the queues already, so you might be able to find the perfect shot out there already.

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I’ve specifically asked about eyeglasses, for now you can wear them but not have them in your pockets.

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I might be missing something here, but do you lose time in line by putting your gear in lockers or are the lockers part of the queue? What is the best strategy for putting your bag there? We typically have one backpack that DH carries. Last time we were on FJ, I think I remember the lockers being somewhat part of the queue process.

FJ has their lockers inside queue but every other ride the lockers are separate from the entrance. There’s really no strategy other than travel as light as possible, and be sure to remeber what locker # you used (and which finger you scanned).

Seth - I like (not) how you say “for now”! I need glasses to see without them I would not be able to ride anything! I hope it doesnt come to not being able to wear glasses, I wouldnt be able to ride :frowning:

At Universal (and in life, according to Avenue Q) everything is only “for now” :wink:


I have always taken a small bumbag/fannypack on rides with my prescription sunglasses/swap with normal glasses, phone, small camera and small wallet without any problems. Not cool I know but never ever been asked to take it off on any ride - it can twist to one side for a tight ride harness.
I guess that will no longer be allowed either on the metal detector rides? It all sounds like a major pain - and there is no way they can tell me to take off glasses in a queue - I will not be able to see anything! Might get a cord to secure them in case they get difficult about that.

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