Really... No thread that just bags on Disney IT?!? VENTing thread

I did a search and maybe there’s a thread that I can’t find but Disney IT and their failings come up SO frequently I thought maybe I’d start a thread to allow for venting.

I’ll begin. VENT: Tried to renew my DH’s AP today. Signed into my account on MDE, found where I can renew his AP, made selections, put in credit card info etc. Site spun and then… nothing. The screen changed to an old cart item. No email, no confirmation number, his renewal didn’t show up in MDE anywhere, checked my credit card too and nothing there. So, I called the number listed on the site. Only waited 15 min to talk to a live person that had to put me on hold after collecting MDE email info. Came back and said no purchase went through and you should be able to try again. Um, NO! I don’t want to risk multiple charges on my card. We still have 60 days til it expires, I’ll renew it in person at the park instead :rage:

Oh another thing. I HATE the check in system. They NEVER get my name right or ever understand it. Why do they ask me, over and over, to ‘say it and then spell it, like this: Jones, J-o-n-e-s’ ? The system doesn’t seem capable of understanding foreign names and I have to do it over and over before the system understands it’s failing and transfers me to a live person.

ok…finished… I don’t really feel better though b/c I still have to renew his AP and it shouldn’t be this hard.


No, it shouldn’t. Vent away. It is ghastly.


That’s incredibly frustrating, and I’m sorry.

As a friend just recently said, Disney is making it very hard to give them money.

I’d love a peek at their IT department (as well as their data) to find out where the disconnect is.

There is no reason you shouldn’t have a renewed AP right now, especially after calling in person. They should have directed you over to a lead at guest services and had them directly process your payment. Especially since the mistake was on their end.

Seriously, I miss when guest relations was THE most important thing (second only to safety).


Ya’ the guy couldn’t process my sale and was going to have to transfer me to another dept. At that point I didn’t want to wait longer, knowing I have 90 days. But you’re right… WHY are you making it so hard to take my money?


In “my Disney” you’d be transferred directly to a supervisor and given priority status. No holds and only VIP empathic treatment.


your disney is a magical, make-believe place :wink:


I know, right?!?

Sad face.


I would contend that the disconnect is that there is no IT Deparment but instead a cavelcade of contractors who implent functionality without knowledge of or regard for what the other contractors are doing.


Disney is notoriously known for hiring cheap IT labor.

at least their wait times on calls have decreased markedly :wink:




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This is kinda sorta what’s going on at the hospital where my sister works. Tho there is an IT dept that really tries. But dealing with multiple contractors/products that don’t even come close to interfacing makes their jobs impossible.

The newest one was to improve - replace - billing and inventory but when the hospital employees said we also wanted this too (I’ve forgotten) the contractor was “we don’t provide that” - at several years into the process and just weeks before go live.

So they’re still using the old stuff while trying to fix glitches the new stuff has and meanwhile a large chunk of change has been spent.

At a hospital. Where people need meds, etc.

Very scary.


I read an article written before I started Disney World planning and the title was something like, “Disney IT employees forced to train their out-of-country replacements.” Does this ring a bell for anyone?


I remember this. DH actually interviewed w/ Disney. He won’t work for them. They won’t pay going rate for IT.


I had former Disney employees on my team at my last job (including a recruiter!) and they all said Disney pays below market for technical roles. And they can get away with it because people really want to work there.


I am no longer surprised ever by crappy IT. Our federal government here in Canada brought in new payroll software about five-six years ago. For multiple years afterwards huge numbers of federal employees were getting incorrect pay. Some people got too much money and then had to figure out how to pay it back. More were receiving less than their salary and no one seemed to be able to fix it. Any changes to employment made it worse, so there were people afraid to take promotions because it could mean they would never get the back pay they were owed. I haven’t seen any news about it recently, so I think it may have finally been fixed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still causing problems.