🦡 Really last minute trip booked — Now featuring live trip report!

Damn right. Women have urges that they can’t always control. If a pretty lady sees the kind of action illustrated in my photo, who knows what she’ll be capable of.

Yes, I saw that. But it’s happening now. Not next week. And I was at WDW one time and woke up to all manner of tornado warnings and absolutely nothing happened.

Fake news.



Weird. Glad they allowed photo pass pics first, though.


Just saw this. Might you be interested?
Starting May 24, 2024, Cirque du Soleil’s Drawn to Life will offer the “Page to Stage Signature Experience” which includes a backstage tour, an artist meet-and-greet, premium show seating, collectible merchandise and more.

Before the show, select concessions will be available, including a souvenir popcorn bucket. After the show, “Page to Stage” guests will meet with some of the show’s artists for photos and Q&A. Then, guests will get a backstage – and under-the-stage – tour of Drawn to Life, with the opportunity to get an up-close look at some of the show’s unique costumes and props. You also receive a Drawn to Life gift bag and a discount at the Cirque du Soleil store in Disney Springs.

The “Page to Stage Signature Experience” is limited to 9 people and offered after the second performance on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are $285 per adult (age 10+) and $225 per child (age 3-9), tax and fees included. The experience includes premium seating.


This reminds me that about 15 years ago, my mom’s personal trainer got us a backstage tour of La Nouba. The trainer’s brother was one of the performers. He showed us around and we got to meet some of the other performers, some of whom were French Canadian, which seems to be common for some reason.


That’s where Cirque du Soleil is from. French Canadians owned most of the company until 2020, when it got sold in bankruptcy.


Get thee behind me, Satan.

Definitely can’t fit it in during the May trip. Would have to cancel HDDR to fit it in during the June trip.


News update
Have started on all those essential pre-tip jobs. Resuscitated my MB+. Downloaded a month’s worth of entertainment to my iPad and iPhone. Well, I guess that’s it, but I feel like I’ve achieved a lot.

Spent hours last night doing my business accounts (“how big of a hit am I taking by going away?”) and figuring out my work schedule for next week. It’s weirdly complicated. I’ve ended up scheduling 16 hours. Not every student made the cut. If I’m working during my $4,000 I Have To Get The Hell Out Of Here vacation, I’m only doing the work I want to do. Sorry, rude and disrespectful Luca: no lesson for you.

Thus, my EP and AK days have had one extra hour of park time added. So I have 9½ hours at MK, 8½ hours at HS (actually, maybe 9½ because there’s a second Fantastic half an hour after the park officially closes, which I figure will not be crowded and I may as well go and see), 8½ hours at EP, and 6½ hours at AK (assuming I really do show up for early entry at 7.30am).

I have 23½ hours at UOR, including 11 with an XP, and 2½ at VB. Oh, I also booked Big Fire for dinner on my first night (not arrival night, the next one, after my big XP day). I really want a good steak and a PB&J Old Fashioned. That day (Tuesday) is going to be the Day I Live My Best Life. All me, all day, no rules. (I’ve started writing XP for Express Pass because EP is Epcot and it’s going to get confusing.)

On this morning’s menu: back to the spreadsheets to do my personal accounts, also known as The Reckoning. Is it really $4,000?


For a break from The Spreadsheets, as a WWoHP + FFF fan, you absolutely must see this.

Can we add a shoebill stork named Buckbeak to FFF? Or is that some kind of IP sin?


A slight tangent: I miss getting new MBs for each trip. Wasteful? Sure. But it was part of the pre-trip fun to pick one out and have it arrive in the mail.

Ok, back to the happy planning stuff…


Technically, you STILL can do this…as long as you are willing to pay! :confused:

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And live in the US :rage:


If Disney hadn’t been such dumbasses when JKR first approached them, there would be one at WWOHP in WDW.


Outside of the US, were you EVER able to do it???

Yes. And no. You could order one, but you had to pick it up from the front desk of your hotel when you checked in. And you had your name engraved on it.


Accounts done. My two trips this summer are absolutely doable, provided I can persuade my landlord to stop charging me rent, and I don’t eat again until November.

I’m joking! I can eat again in October.

It’s fine. I like to know where I stand and what the budget is. Which I do now. I’ve made it ludicrously overcomplicated for myself. Both last night and tonight, I had an error somewhere that took me about an hour each time to figure out. Accounting is just adding, yet it can be so hard! I guess that’s why @Jeff_AZ gets paid the big bucks.

Starting to feel more relaxed now. The pieces have almost completely slotted together now and I can go back to planning the packing and watching YouTube videos about G+ strategies and rope-drop plans.


Well, and in Orlando of course. Better hit those food booths and TS meals hard!

Meant to mention this the other day, and if you are not in a mood to discuss emotions at the moment, please just scroll on past.

I was very moved by your note to Paul - mostly because of the self awareness and self confidence that you expressed in it, nurturing your relationship, while expressing your own needs. It made me feel like the last year has been a very good one for you, and that is what everyone here most wanted.

Now, back to planning.


Are you familiar with BG1? I find it super easy to use and way more user friendly than MDE for booking LLs and getting VQ.


I second BG1! It’s a life saver for Genie+.


I think party of it is that when we start trying to do Disney Math with real numbers things go a little sideways.