Really annoying questions about DME

I did briefly search for answers to this but gave up after 15 seconds. (I’m really behind with my tv watching so I have to be strict with my time.)

  1. How long from MCO to ASMo by DME? International flight arrives at 4pm. Would like to be at AK by 8pm.

  2. If my flight is delayed can I send my luggage by DME and myself by Uber? (Assuming the answer to Question 1 is “a really long time” and I’m panicking about getting to AK.)

If the DME does take a really long time it might be a very good opportunity for a nap. (Or will I constantly have to shout at overexcited children and tell them to “shut up: I’m trying to sleep — also Father Christmas isn’t real”.)

It’s not long, maybe 30 mins? But you might have to wait for a while to get going. And if course immigration could easily take an hour or longer.

DME isn’t a luggage delivery service and you’re not supposed to send your bags on it if you’re not on it. I assume you’re putting them on the second carousel and handing over your claim tickets - I’d feel uneasy about doing that if I wasn’t getting on DME since you’re going to have to go and check in with them. But that’s probably just me.

When I was there in October and we took the DME, it was 90 minutes from the plane landing to us walking into the lobby at Pop Century. It took a little while to get going, then first stopped at Art of Animation Resort.

I’m assuming it was an internal flight though, so you didn’t have to go through immigration or collect your luggage.

@profmatt are you flying direct or will you have cleared immigration elsewhere?

I have the misery of immigration to go through. But I’ve literally chosen the seat on the plane that gets me out of it first.

Don’t forget though you have to collect your bags first before you can go through immigration and customs.

Unless you’re only taking carry-on bags with you, you might still be in a long line to get through.

By the way, DME will have constant videos playing and the driver chatting to you. Not much chance of a nap. Anyway, you know you won’t be able to nap!


I’d say you’ll be at your hotel in 2-2.5 hours.

I have no experience with immigration/customs at MCO, but I know that from leaving the plane to arriving at our resort has never been less than 60 min or more than 90 when you factor in walking from gate, stopping to use the restroom, traveling to the DME terminal, and then waiting for the DME to leave. So, based on @missoverexcited comments, I would bet 2-2.5 hours is reasonable then. Your room should be ready, so you can check it out, and be off to AK, arriving by 730-800 unless something is delayed beyond normal circumstances.

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Are you sure you get your bags before immigration? I don’t remember that happening during the summer this year. Well, I only had carry on, but I don’t remember people lugging suitcases. Or there being a huge delay between me getting to immigration then everyone else once they’d got their bags.

You were probably oblivious of people having to get their luggage since you didn’t have any.

It wouldn’t make sense to go through customs without all of your luggage. Just saying.

Well that’s a game changer. I’m back to hand luggage only in that case.

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Probably a good idea since you aren’t there very long.

The problem is the stupid 100ml liquids thing. Say goodbye to my imported sun block. And my regular deodorant. Back to stupid miniatures. Ugh.

Can you get small bottles and pour your sunblock in more than one?

No. It’s an aerosol.

Damn those terrorists!

Oh. I didn’t remember that. Then bring your deodorant and sunscreen in your luggage, and go get your luggage when you land. It won’t take that much more time.

Pretty sure immigration came after luggage collection.

You certainly have to collect it before customs though, for obvious reasons! It could be you get them after immigration though, but you will need to get them.

I think ot’s The luck of the draw how long it takes to get through in total. Then you need to get over to the main terminal.

I just tweeted MCO (they have an amazingly good account) and got this:

The long lines are at passport control, no? That’s where you want to be at the front of the line.

And that’s about who gets off the plane first. Which, according to my plan, is me!

Yes that’s where the long lines are, but even being first off the plane won’t help you if 2 other U.K. flights landed within the previous hour, which has happened to us.

True, but at least you’re at the front of the back!

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