"Reality of Same-day Reservations"

I’m going to Magic Kingdom next Sunday (10/1) and would like to have dinner at The Plaza restaurant. However, the other members of my party are leaving to eat at Disney Springs, so I’ll be by myself. I had no problem reserving a table for two or three guests. But now that its a party of 1, I can’t seem to be able to get a table. Is that the policy of The Plaza alone, or all restaurants in MK? What’s the likelihood that I’ll be able to just walk in sometime in the afternoon and get a seat?

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It seems to be the policy that you would need to reserve it for two and then modify the reservation or keep it as two and then tell them when you arrive that it’s just you. Hope it works for you.


Just make the reservation for 2. As long as one person shows up, there isn’t any “no show” fee. You don’t even have to modify it down to one. This is the situation for many WDW restaurants (can’t find ADR for one). Enjoy!


Thank you both. I had considered that, but wasn’t sure if we were on some sort of honor system.


I’m fairly certain there is a minimum party size requirement for reservations.


I would also search for a 4-top as well, if you still have trouble finding something for 2.


And thank the two of you as well. Got a table for two for one