Realistic Plan?

For our last day (Tues) during a May trip for 2 adults, we plan to get to MK for rope drop, revisit a few attractions (incl. 7DMT FP+), and then go to 'Ohana for a 10:55am ADR before possible returning to MK for a few hours.
Does this sound feasible and make sense?
If so, what time do we need to leave MK for Poly., how should we get there (assuming monorail), and what time do you think we’ll get back?

I would take the monorail to Poly. To me, it is walking out of the park that takes the time. I think I would plan on starting to walk out of MK a little after 10. My guess is you really don’t need more than a 1/2 hour, but I would give myself at least 45 minutes “just in case”.

I’d say if you left MK at 10 you will be fine. Ohana usually has a wait, so that will work in your favor. I would take the boat tho. I think it’s faster.