Real Wait Time With FP For Seven Dwarves Mine Train?

What are folks experiencing for actual wait time WITH a FP for Seven Dwarves Mine Train? (Nervous our FP is going to make us late for ADR at Chef Mickey’s and trying to figure out if I should attempt to modify FP.)

Maybe 1/3 standby time

My daughter and husband rode it three times on three separate days last week - twice in the evening and once in the morning. The first evening and the morning, they waited less than ten minutes (and the standby wait was at least 70). The last evening, they waited closer to fifteen, and standby was still at least 70. Standby was probably longer, I just don’t remember specifically.

I have found it to be a consistently short wait (around 10 min) in the FP line even when the SB is long. The ride is very short so you could reasonable enter the FP line and be done in less than 20 min.

Agree with above. We rode twice in early July. 60 plus standby and we waited 10-15 in FP line.

Yes less than 10 minutes last summer, standby was about 70.

Thanks, folks! My fears have been put to rest. We should be able to make the FP for the 7DMT work and still get to The Contemporary for brunch at Chef Mickey’s. (We’re going to aim for first possible moment of FP time, though.)