Real time updates of the crowd levels?

Last November we went to Disneyland. We chose the week after Thanksgiving for its low crowd levels. Our first day we spent in California Adventure, based on early entry and it having a lower predicted crowd level than Disneyland. As I checked the update the next day, the CL was much higher than predicted in CA, and lower then predicted in DL. In fact DL had a lower crowd level altogether that day than CA did. If we would have had some way to know the levels in more real time, we would have park hopped.
Now we are planning a WDW trip. We are going during higher CLs and it’s our first trip. Is there some way to get an update on actual crowd levels? If it feels busy in the park we could hop to another, but would hate to jump from the frying pan and into the fire.

The wait times are continuously updated throughout the day, so if you make a personalized TP you can Evaluate it during the day to see if it is adversely affected by the current wait time predictions. If it is you can then Optimize it and come up with the best plan for the current conditions.

I am not a big fan of park hopping in general because of the time wasted in transit. I would only park hop if it was planned in advance and I had TPs made for each park.