Ready, Set...Plan!

Wasn’t sure where to put this. I was wondering what you think the plan is for when we are allowed to plan again.

Not clear, I get it. Let me explain better.

I have a 12/2021 trip reserved through DVC. The hotel, currently, is the only known. Normally, I would plan parks about a year out, then dining, and lastly attractions. 90 days out I would set my alarm and try to get the hard to secure ADR’s and repeat for FP’s at the 45 day mark.

That’s all blown to bits. So my question is, how do you think they’re going to roll out/open up ADR’s and FP’s for people who already have trips planned? Am I going to wake up one morning and see that booking for my trip has now been open for at least 3 hours (west coast time difference) and I wasn’t aware so I probably already lost out on Chef Mickey’s and San Angel Inn? And have no shot what so ever for 7dmt or Peter Pan?

Or do you think they’ll announce the reservation system returning to normal at a specific date?

I’m pretty loosey-goosey when it comes to my travel plans, going where the moment takes us, save for a handful of must-dos. I’d hate to miss the few picks I do want over a missed post or communication.

I know most, if not all will be speculation unless I already missed a story talking about it somewhere.

We also don’t buy AP’s until the first day of our trip, and I can’t make park reservations until I do. So that’s another post covid bit I’ll be trying to keep an eye on.

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I think as it stands right now, all parks need a reservation, not including hopping parks. But you can’t hop until you have a reservation…or something.

And right now ADR’s are 30 days out and no FP’s what so ever. Are they allowing single rider though?

I thought ADRs were 60 days out for onsite? Maybe I’m wrong? I would keep your eye out on Chat or this forum. People always make announcements on any changes to Disney. I personally hope the ADR booking stays at 30 or 60 days. 180 days was nuts.

It looks like park reservations are sticking around through at least 2022.

I’m not on the up and up regarding APs, but I don’t think they are selling new ones at this point. And yes, you need a ticket to make park reservations.

I’m planning November/December 2021 as well. We finally said we don’t care what happens, we are going. I’m not moving this trip that was supposed to happen in May 2020 again.


You’re right, I mean 180 days, but got it confused with 90 for some reason. Thank you. My last trip was 4 years ago, I’m getting everything confused right now.

I’ll keep an eye out on tickets as well. Thank you for tell me about the reservations. At least I can go in prepared knowing about them instead of holding out hope.

I hope your trip goes smoothly! I’m keeping my fingers crossed neither one of us will have to reschedule again!

Thanks! I feel pretty confident that our trips will work out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Based on prior history of their announcements, I think any changes to FP will be sudden and effective “tomorrow” It’ll be one of those “great news” kind of announcements. They are not doing single ride line right now. Also, you do not need a park reservation at the second, third, fourth park to hop, but you have to tap into your reserved park first. Hopping to another park is contingent on that park having capacity to do so. I haven’t heard that anyone has been denied hopping. If it happens, it’ll be this week because it’s so busy.

I think changes to the ADR window will be quiet, if they do it at all and it will probably be tied to park capacity changes. The 60 day window may be around for a while.

If I were in your shoes I would buy a date based ticket, because you’ll need something either way to make park reservations. Which I would do now. December may be nuts. When they announce the sale of APs again, you can upgrade your ticket. But at least you’re not waiting around for that eventually which may not happen. I think sale of new APs is going to coincide with park capacity expansion as well.


I think this is good advice about the AP’s. I was there the week before Valentine’s Day (low crowds) and we wanted to change our reservations for our last day, when I checked (it was the night before) only Epcot and AK were available. I didn’t think the reservations would actually sell out! Luckily early that morning I scored a HS pass. I think if people don’t get the RoR BG then they change their minds and go to a different park or something :woman_shrugging:t3: So ie, secure that park reservation!


I don’t know much about AP’s and maybe somebody else can help you out, but can you buy tickets so you can reserve your parks and then upgrade to AP and pay the difference?

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Thank you, you gave me a lot to think about! I want to buy those tickets right now! I wanted to wait to see about mask requirements, but you raised an excellent point about beating the rush, so to speak.

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In the past you could do this. But let’s have others more knowledgeable confirm. Plus we have NO idea when AP sales will resume. Very annoying!