Re-opening news for WDW

If anyone is there now you might want to keep your eyes open for the GF to MK walkway opening this weekend, plus the new boat dock.

Why is this making me so excited? :joy:


Park hopping is coming back in 2021!


And it’s open!

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I hope it comes with longer park hours too!!

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Me too!!! So exciting!!

I know its controversial, but i like that you cant join RotR queue if you’ve already been to another park that day. That would make being in HS after 1 PM very unpleasant.


I don’t actually think that’s controversial! I think that’s most likely intended. Plus you won’t have a reservation for the 2nd park so it’s probably a heavy lift for their terrible IT to “gate” people without that.


Nevermind… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

Looks like the Epcot monorail will re-open, at least in the afternoon, once park hopping returns.

The US site includes this about park to park transportation, which I assume means the Epcot monorail line will start running again at least around 2pm.

Park-to-park transportation is planned to resume in 2021, with operations beginning each day shortly prior to the start of Park Hopper hours. Learn more.​

Link is to the U.K. site but should take most of you to the equivalent US page including that statement (the U.K. site doesn’t have it yet - not that it matters at the moment for us).

Can someone please let me know if you get that info from the page I linked to?

By the way, life has taken over for now. But I will start updating the first post with the park hopping and so on, hopefully in the next few days. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


it’s a blank page when I try to open

but good news! thanks for sharing