Re-opening news for WDW



Isn’t that what annual passes are for? :sunglasses:


Haha! 10 hour drive or 2 hr flight here!

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Yabbut, in a perfect world, one would live there and hang out every day, hence the AP.

What is that, mere cents per day, figured out over 365 days?


I mean, at least 350, right?

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$1.68 per day

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It’s a steal!


Cheap at twice the price.

Btw, just saw a WDW Magic with Mickey commercial on History channel. Holidays begin November 6 th. Call your travel agent.

No mention of discounts that I saw.

What would be the best drop off point for Uber/Lyft for each park if I want to get there way before parking lot opens? Willing to walk. Thank you so much!

The parking lots aren’t opening until about 45 minutes before park opening, at which point they let people into the parks.

If a car or ride share gets there early they will turn them away. Not sure whether the driver would be willing to let you get out before the barriers. For MK even the Contemporary will turn people away unless you have an ADR.

Maybe someone else will be able to chime in with suggestions.

MK: Get an ADR for Contemporary and go there
Epcot: BC
HS: Swan / Boardwalk
AK: No luck

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Getting into the BC is going to be tricky without an ADR. And it is quite a walk from there too.

I was suggesting walking from BC to Epcot, not HS.

In any case, if you don’t want to make an ADR for BC, you could go to the Dolphin instead. Slightly longer walk to Epcot, but manageable.

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We had an ADR breakfast for Ale & Compass (did I get it right this time @OBNurseNH?) and walked to EC after. It wasnt’ that far


Just seen confirmation there is a boat running now from GF to MK.


The Friendship boats from Epcot to DHS via the Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach, Swan & Dolphin resorts are restarting in November.


I know the Rat ride was planned well before the pandemic but I do see a newly revealed FP+ entrance. Maybe this means FP+ will be reintroduced or reimagined? This may also be just my hopeful mind reading waaayyyy too much into something that could very well have already been made before the shut down.


I think they will bring back some form of “skip the line” - whether it’s WDW’s FP+, DLR MaxPass, or more like Universal Express Pass is yet to be seen.


Opening hours for Christmas week extended:


Disney Springs now has security screening in place just like the parks, using the new EVOLV scanners that were trialled there first.

Whether this is permanent or as a result of recent events in Europe resulting in heightened alerts isn’t clear yet.