Re-booking $50 Hotel Dining Credit

I just got an e-mail from Universal with a re-booking offer, since our May trip was cancelled due to Covid. The offer is a $50 hotel dining credit for min stays through 12/15/2020.
It says Call to Book.
I am waiting for AP rates to get announced for November, but then I will call and see if I can get the credit. Not sure if I can have it added on an AP room, but I don’t see why not.
Anyone else get this email? Its for trips cancelled between 3/20/20-5/31/20.

If you get an AP before Sept. 30th - you get 3 extra months for free. There is no “activate by” date. I asked TMs if I bought it now could I activate in 2021 and was told, “Yes!”


Yup I already bought our APs with that 3 month bonus. So if I can add the $50 dining credit, that would be even more of a bonus!

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Do you know if the dining credit be used at the market or only at restaurants?

The fine print says, “Credit applies to food and beverage (excluding alcohol) at Universal Orlando hotel restaurants and outlets” … so I would think if you bought food in their market it might count?

When I was at Cabana Bay in December, it included the Bayliner Diner, the place near the lazy river pool, and I believe the Starbucks (but not 100% sure on that one). Not sure about the other resorts, though.

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I was able to get both my aph discount and the $50 dining credit :grinning:

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That’s great! Did you have to call to book?

Yes, I had to call. Then they checked my account to make sure I had a canceled reservation back in March. Other than that, easy peasy! $119/night at Adventura with a $50 dining credit. Pretty sweet! Hope I actually make it this time.

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I got one applied to my booking. I will have to call to get the APH applied to my room once the rates come out. I’m going early December so no APH rates yet.

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