RD within MK after EMH/BOG res

Hi all!
We have 8:10 BOG res before 9:00 MK general opening , but there is a morning EMH and we aren’t staying on property. It’s CL 10.
So after breakfast we want to head to Aladdin, I think, to try to be first on (instead of doing Fantasyland with the EMH mob).
Decent plan? Where do we wait for interior-park RD to get to Adventureland?
Strangely, my TP says we’ll have a 22 min wait at Aladdin … hard to believe.

I’m of the opinion that if you are not truly at the very front of a RD crowd going into an area that it’s better to do smaller attractions. You’ll, more often, do at least 2 - 3 smaller rides in the time it takes to RD an “E-Ticket”.

I do find Adventureland to be the least crowded area in the entire park at RD. I almost always start my days there or Frontierland. There’s a disproportionate number of “E-ticket” on the right side of MK that draw crowds (It’s only going to get worse when Tron opens in 2021)

For the closest access to Adventureland, you’ll be held right here:


Yeah… I not sure it’ll be that long at RD, but the queue can build quickly because this ride loads & unloads so slowly. I’m a former ride operator, not Disney, but have had to work this same style of “spinner” ride. You are generally operating it alone. You have to get small kids seated and lock the seat belts all while trying to get parents calm crying kids and/or to stop taking pictures. Then you have to usher the parents into the ride or go wait outside. It takes a few minutes and that really adds up. It’s a deceptively painful ride to operate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok thank you, @darkmite2! Making FPP res tomorrow morning. Yay!

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Personally, I don’t make a FPP for any earlier than 10am… usually later. If you really get to RD on time you’ll have 60 - 90 minutes of low to no waits.The waits pick up starting at 11am.

The “refresh” strategy to get mote FPP ASAP works, but it’s a lot of work and not guaranteed. I prefer to know my "must-do"stuff is in hand during the peak hours of 11am - 2pm.


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