RD when you can't do the EMH

2 MK days
Staying off-property
One of those days has MK EMH (morning) and CL 10.
Nothing I can do about it – MK is where we need to be and those 2 days are what we have.
Soooooo…I’ve never done this before. I’ve either done the EMH when staying on property, or I’ve avoided parks with EMH when staying off property.
Is there any good ride time at 9:00 RD or is it basically a madhouse already?

We don’t want to start the day with a “mountain”…would prefer to start with a less-jolting ride for DD8 who is not quite 100% on board with coasters. We’ll ease into it.
My inclination is to rush PPF at RD. I’m hoping that even though there are EMH, we still get some good rides in before the crowds come around 10.

Advice? Where would you go first at RD after the morning EMH?


Anywhere but Fantasyland or Tomorrowland as those are the only two lands open for EMH. Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise would be good choices. Peter Pan will already have a massive line.


I agree. We RD’d Tomorrowland last spring break, CL9. Hit SM and Buzz then popped over for tea cups and pooh. We then entered a RD crowd (mob!) just beyond the tangled bathrooms. We were set free maybe 1-2 minutes before official RD and the crowds went to HM and BTMRR (and maybe Splash but not sure) with an advantage over regular park opening rope droppers. So, at regular park opening, you will encounter crowds everywhere except Adventureland, so plan to head to JC, POTC, or Magic Carpets first for a true RD experience

But definitely make your TP and get ideas of wait times during that first hour or two–that will maximize your time.

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I’m also on board with going to Adventureland. Hop on JC while there is no queue - that line is all outdoors & can be miserable with a long wait. From there you have Magic Carpets / Tiki Rm / Pirates (if being in the dark isn’t an issue. The ride starts in complete dark with a “surprise”, but then goes smooth)

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