RD Town Sq Tink

On my 2nd MK day, plan is to rope drop town square Tinker Bell. I know we will be let in as far as the hub an hour early. If we want to walk around Main Street for a little bit and then return to town Square for rope drop, what time do we need to head back to town Square?

If you really want to do it first thing, you need to line up early, like 20 + minutes before rope drop occurs. People will be lined up there instead of watching the opening ceremony. It will also depend on the date / crowd level for your visit.

Check the wait time for this on the day you visit. - https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/wait-times

Also, you can try to get a FastPass for this Character Meeting for later in the day.

I checked the wait times but I know they’re not accurate at RD as I know that depends where you are in the pack. FP for Tink seem scarce and being near entrance not very convenient.

Not in this instance…the pack is at the hub. People can start lining up for the meet as soon as they are inside the gates.

So arrive 20-30 before?

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That’s what I would do…or get the FP as the last thing you plan to do at the park that day (which is what we did).