RD Peter Pan’s Flight: Which way to go?

I’ve never RD Peter Pan’s Flight from the hub (I did it with a BOG ADR) and I was wondering what is the best: From under the castle or From Liberty Square?

We were on the left ramp and went through the castle. Worked beautifully!

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Agreed! Go left and through the Castle to avoid the crowd headed to 7DMT on the right.

Thanks !

That’s what I thought, but I needed to confirm that.

I’ll give it a try tomorrow !

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Will this route work for morning EMH?

That’s dependent if the CMs are allowing guests to go that way. (They usually do, as this is the way guests with PPO breakfast reservations go, but I have seen them send EMH guests to the right)

I know that’s not a “perfect” answer, but you can never 100% depend on what WDW will do before park opening.

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Thanks! Even a ‘maybe’ is helpful.

What about if you need to stroller park? Liberty square route and park at Rapinzel bathrooms or go through the castle and Park at the carousel?

I usually walk past it and save myself an hour