RD or Stack LL at HS

We will be staying at the Yacht Club May 8-13. Crowd calendar is predicting levels 4-7, so middle of the road. We have 4 day park hopper passes. Typically I’m a RD fan, but we’re also usually there in early September when crowds are non-existent. No matter which why I slice it, the lines look brutal at HS after the first couple if we RD. (Take this with a grain of salt, as I’m used to 15 min or less waits) I’m considering rope dropping EP & AK on two of the days and stacking LL for HS that we can use after taking a mid-afternoon break at the hotel. Any thoughts on this? Do lines calm down later in the day?

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I stacked in September and it was AWESOME. I had different priorities (sleeping in, resort time) but I never arrived before 1pm to HS and had my stack all set up to ride ride ride. Phenomenal experience. The only time I will speak super highly of G+ is this use, personally.


Awesome, I’m assuming crowds were a bit less in September, but when you started stacking in the morning, how far out were the LL? If we’re not planning to arrive to the park until 3-4pm, am I better off sneaking in a LL at AK or EP first or will I need to start stacking immediately for HS?

I honestly don’t recall. I’m sorry!

I did start at 7am though, and I do recall that on my second day, but which time I had done much of what I hoped to, it took til I think close to 10am for what I was looking for to hit 1pm or later.

No worries, I really appreciate the feedback. It all helps!

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I had 3 HS days - and they were CL 5/6 for January.

Our priorities were SDD, MFSR, TSM and Saucers. If MMRR, ToT, or RNRC are your priorities, this might look different.

For 2 of my days, we started in MK.

On Sunday of my trip, I booked my first G+ at 7am for SDD. I then booked MK attractions from 10:30-1:00 (Meet Tiana, Dumbo and prob something else). At 1:00pm, I booked MFSR. And then around 3:00, I booked TSM.

On Tuesday of my trip, MK opened before HS, so I took a gamble and booked PPF, and then had to refresh constantly to get a SDD (obtained around 8:40am). I did the same thing - booked some MK rides for 10:30-1 and then went back to HS.

We had one morning where we started at HS - and we got the fewest # of lightning lanes this day because they advance so fast. We had a SDD LL for 8:40 and then MFSR at 11:15. We booked MMRR for later in the day, and also could have booked TSM.
ETA: on this day, we RD’d TSM and also saucers. We also prioritized character meets so we used those things to pass the time in between LLs. We also took a mid afternoon break. I bought Rise on each of my days.

My advice is to watch return times or review thrill data for your needs.

Thank you! This was super helpful. From what you’ve both said, I think I should be able to stack LL throughout our stay and eventually hit everything, especially with staying so close to HS, but all of this makes me miss the old days where I could have my FP set and not have to do any real thinking while we’re there.

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I have to say our day in January on a CL 5 or 6 day was awesome. It was rope drop to close. We started at TOT bit it was closed at park opening so jumped to:

RNRC - stanby walk on
(ToT LL converted to anytime)
MMRR - stand by walk on
TSMM - stand by (25 min wait)
Quick Breakfast at Ronto
MFSR standby (longest wait of the day - 45 min)
Mamma Melrose Fantasmic package for lunch
Break in park
Star Tours - LL

So if you like to have a full park day - at this crowd level - you can! I feel like RD with EE lets you accomplish alot.

That said, I have done the sleep in ans stack optuon over Christmas. And that was awesome too.


Oh! And if you want to do a full day, I have a beautiful plan that this day was losely based on (until things started happening) that I am happy to share.

I would not do that. I would start stacking at HS at 7:00 am because there are so many tough LLs at HS. I’ve done that twice and had great afternoons/evenings at HS. And I went before the Modify feature was added so it was trickier to stack. With Modify it should be easier to accomplish. Book at 7:00 and then every 2 hours after park opening. If return times haven’t advanced far enough for you, book it and then modify (just make sure you modify before the expiration of the return time – that is critical to making your stacking plan work).

We have been to WDW more times than i can remember (25+?) and we have never once rope dropped…I was not a fan of Genie+ (mainly b you have to get up at 7am every day, are on phone WAY too much and cannot choose return times) but I do think it helps with stacking and going later…we are going April 15-23 and wont be in any park before 2pm (we love the parks at night)

I’m just seeing this now. If you modify, does that restart your 2 hr wait before you can book another or is that a free-b?

Does not restart it