RD or ADR for FoP

Hi everyone! I’m very new to this so please forgive me if I should ask this question elsewhere.

I couldn’t get FPP for FoP on Dec 1st for 4 people. Although I’m still trying, I was able to snag ADR’s for Tusker at 8:15 am, while the park opens at 9 am. Would eating quickly then lining up at Pandora be the way to do it or would waiting for RD be better? -We don’t have to eat at Tusker that early. I just thought maybe that would get us in quicker than just RD.


It won’t get you in quicker, do FOP at RD.

Agree, when we were there they let people in everyone heading to Pandora queues on discovery island from 8ish from what I could tell. So being at Tusker House won’t help. Maybe try and use an EMH morning instead - crowds were lower then.

That’s good to know. Unfortunately we can’t use EMH because we’ll be staying off property during this time :sob:

Be parked up at AK by 7.30 for a 9 am opening and you shouldn’t have much of a wait - Pandora has been opening by 8.30-8.45.

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That’s awesome. I’ll do just that. Thanks!

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I would just rope drop it. TH takes a good long while many times. 8:15 won’t have you out of there til 9:15 at best

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The crowds were huge when we went on EMH morning

I was stunned how many people were there

There was a huge queue just to get in to FOP real queue that doubled back on itself. By far the biggest queue ive ever seen for anything anwyhere!

If that’s quieter than normal I would hate to see busy

The queue to just get into FOP real queue must have been 500 metres plus long on EMH day in July

I’m not convinced EMH day reduces queuing at all. It just give you the opportunity to be in the park earlier after you’ve queued IMO to do other stuff