RD MK or AK, if hopping to the other park after?

Wondering what the thoughts of liners would be in picking my park reservation as far as RDing MK or AK during a short trip with only 2 full park days (and one of those mornings is reserved for HS). My original thoughts were to do AK, then hop to MK because of the later closing times (late May), but now I am second guessing myself!
I am a solo traveler and not opposed to doing two hops, so the other option is: RD MK, hop to AK, and then hop back to MK for the last two hours of park. Thanks for your help- I guess I’m wondering which option does rope drop give me the best opportunity to start my day out right?

Additional info:

  1. AK is my favorite park, which is why I picked it as my primary reservation, but I am not planning on visiting the safari this visit. I want time to do the walking trails as well as FoP, river journey, EE, and Dinosaur. (not sure if 2pm-7pm is enough time)
  2. I could take or leave 7DMT, but I would really like to get on some of the classics at MK, as well as see Country Bears and Carousel of Progress.
  3. Disneyland native, pretty well WDW experienced, with 4 trips between 2016-2018. Pretty low pressure whenever I visit the MK because I’ll get to ride many of the rides in MK at Disneyland if I miss them during my trip-so AK gets the edge on uniqueness.

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I suppose the question is if you are fine with an early RD time. I think RD’ing AK, if you plan to be there early, gives you the most opportunity during the day. You can get through a lot at AK early on, and ultimately spend more time there before hopping to MK…but then it also is a matter of ride priorities. If you have more rides you want to do at MK than AK, that would sway things the other way.

There is probably no one right answer here.

Thank you for the welcome!
I had a feeling “no right answer” was the answer and I’m just overthinking it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a park now and there are a good amount of rides I want to go on at MK, but they aren’t all headliners like it feels like they are at AK.

I’ll probably stick with AK, then hop to MK if anything to save the hopping time that 2 hops would add.


I would do the MK > AK > MK plan. There is more to do in MK and people are blowing through AK well before 2 so that could leave a stretch of down time. Plus I don’t think many people hop to AK and wait times laster in the day go down significantly. I don’t think you could go wrong either way especially if CBJ is involved!