RD from Endless Summer

To get near the front of RD for IOA at EPA…

A) take resort bus
B) uber to ride share drop off
C) walk to bus drop off
D) uber to another resort
E) walk to another resort
F) forget it…it is hopeless
G) drive to car park

I would choose A. The resort bus was quite efficient when we were there last. But if you want even more certainty (with associated cost) B is another option.

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I go often and stay at both Endless Summer resorts. The buses will get you there to be at the front of the RD crowd.

I go solo and am willing to jog / walk fast after I get through security. I can be first at the turnstiles regularly.

The first buses come one hour before early park admission. Be at the bus stop no later than 15 minutes before that and you’ll get on the first bus.